About Us
Denning Solicitors is a multi-specialty law firm based in the heart of East London; a walking distance from the Olympic Stadium. Whether our clients are based here in the East End or in any other corner of the globe, we offer outstanding individual lawyers, a depth of talent, and extensive experience in many areas.

Our Approach
At Denning Solicitors, our Solicitors strive to serve as trusted advisors to clients throughout the UK and abroad. We form lasting relationships: every client in our Firm is a peer, partner and friend. We make it our mission to understand your situation, because we care about your success. We tailor our approach individually to your needs, keeping everything in mind.

Our team consists of solicitors who can speak amongst other languages

1. Korean
2. Hindi
3. Polish
4. Punjabi
5. Mirpuri
6. Urdu

Our Pledge To You
Cost-Effective Results, responsiveness and value. At Denning Solicitors, we are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective legal counsel. We have the expertise to address a diverse range of issues. We also use trainee solicitors wherever appropriate to minimise the legal expenses for our clients. This combined approach keeps costs down for our clients.
Denning Solicitors works with a diverse array of clients and we are thus familiar with the unique issues and challenges they face. We are sensitive to fees and costs and approach each matter with an eye toward achieving the objective.
Our Solicitors are dedicated to understanding our clients’ goals and objectives and the industries in which they compete. This extraordinary level of knowledge enables us to bring added value to our clients.

Experience That Counts
Our firm is comprised of practice groups, or teams of lawyers focused on specific industries and areas of law. In so doing, we become so much more than competent legal technicians. We strive to be counselors, advisors, and problem solvers to our clients.

Awards And Recognition
Click here to learn about some of the awards and recognition our firm and solicitors have received recently.